2017 26th Nov -
3rd Dec


前言 Foreword

影意志於澳門舉辦的電影節已是第四個年頭。今年我們邀請了旅日馬來西亞籍導演林家威來澳主持「完全獨立電影工作坊」,作為今屆電影節主題節目。林家威導演過去二十多年來,以Cinema Drifter的生活態度,遊走於日本、香港、中國和歐洲各地,撰寫劇本和拍攝獨立電影,於短短數年間完成多部長片作品。林旅居日本多年,對日本獨立電影生態有深入了解,因此過去幾年,林分別於日本、香港兩地策展以日本、香港和澳門三地為主題的獨立電影展。我們希望把他這種「流浪者」模式的電影創作,介紹給澳門觀眾,由他親身傳授如何以極低成本,完成自己想拍的電影。希望創作人不會受資金所限,而打消創作念頭 ─ 能跳出舊有框框,才有創作的膽量。

Ying E Chi has been organised film festivals in Macau for the fourth time. This year, we are very pleased to invite Lim Kah Wai, a Japanese-based Malaysian director, to come to Macau and conduct the "Completely Independent Film Workshop" as the festival thematic program. In the past twenty years, Mr Lim Kah Wai has embraced his living attitude as a ‘Cinema Drifter’, travelling in Japan, Hong Kong, China and various places in Europe to write scripts and shoot independent films. He completed multiple feature films in just a few years’ time. Having lived in Japan for many years, Lim has a deep understanding of the Japanese film industry. That’s why he has curated various independent film festivals in both Japan and Hong Kong with Japan, Hong Kong and Macau as the main theme. We would like to introduce his ‘drifter’ way of film creation to our Macau audience ─ have him pass on his experience in person as to how cost can be minimised to complete the film he wants to make. We hope that filmmakers won’t give up the ideas of making films because of limited funding. Only by thinking out of the box can you have the courage to create.



In addition, we select some classical films from the periods of the New Taiwanese Cinema and Hong Kong New Wave respectively ─ the remastered version of Taipei Story (1985), the Boys from Fengkuei (1983) and the System (1979) will be shown in Macau for the first time.




The indispensable program every year is doubtlessly the young independent film power of Macau and Hong Kong. This year, Ballad on the Shore (2017), a Hong Kong documentary film by Ma Chi Hang, is featured. The loss of Tanka ballads is used to illustrate the decline in the fishing industry. Perhaps, this resonates a little with the Macau audience. This year, we will use Macau x Hong Kong Power of Local Short Films as the last screening, featuring mainly young directors of the two places with ‘review and retrospect’ putting the festival to an end.

This is the last time Ying E Chi uses the "Film Festival" way to organise film screening activities in Macau. After the restful period, we wish to meet the Macau audience again with our innovative and cutting-edge way in the near future.

Ying E Chi Macau Film Festival 2017